What is DVD Copy Software

DVD copy software is a software that is used for backing up your DVD movies. The software copies your original DVD movies into a blank DVD disc with the help of a DVD burner.

How it works?

Understanding how this actually works will eventually help you to use the software with ease or even solve any technical problem you might encounter in the future.

DVD movies comprises of dual layer of DVDs. We call it DVD-9. Dual layer simple means that a single sided DVD that comes in double layer. It has the ability to store up to 8.5GB of data.

Single layer discs which is what we call DVD-5 are able to store only 4.7GB which is not actually sufficient for top quality movies. DVD movies are made in DVD-9, so in the process of selecting blank discs to back up your favorite movies, be sure to purchase dual layer DVD discs in order to ensure the copies at its best quality possible.

However, dual layer DVD discs do not come cheap so if money is a concern, opt for single layer DVD discs. It works relatively well too especially when DV copy software nowadays are mostly made to shrink any original DVD movies of 8.5GB to 4.7GB.

Now if you decided to copy your DVD movies to blank DVD-9 discs, then the next step to this is to make sure that your DVD burner is one that can do dual layer DVD discs burning. Check first before investing in those blank dual layer discs.

DVD burners and blank discs are available in most electrical shops With enough research, you can even purchase them conveniently through the Internet.

Copy Protected DVD Movies

Besides copying the movies, a good DVD copy software allows you to perform many other tasks too. Today, almost all DVD movies contained copyright protection called CSS. CSS is an encryption that deters the commercial movies to be dubbed illegally. A top-notch DVD copy software comes with an algorithm called DeCSS which decrypts the CSS encryption so that you are able to make copies of the DVD movies. While most software comes with DeCSS, some might require you to download it first online before it could work.

Some software also provides option to remove additional features in the DVD that you do not need like the subtitles, menus, languages and others so that you can copy the movies into a DVD-5 with minimum quality loss.

DVD copy software also allows you to copy the whole DVD to your computer hard disc so that you can watch it straight from the computer screen. Some very good software have the ability to actually convert the DVD movies into a format that support your iPod and mobile phone too. In such case, the software can actually shrink the size of the original movies up to ten times smaller into format like AVI or MPEG.

Guidelines For Buying DVD Copy Software

Below are some guidelines to help you to choose a good DVD copy software.

  1. Firstly, make sure that the software allows you to copy the DVD movie onto your hard disc and DVD recording media as DVD - R/RW and DVD + R/RW.
  2. Ensure that it makes good quality of one to one copy. Because if it doesn't, it only proves that its quality of making multiple copy is even worse.
  3. 3. Check if the copying process takes more than 30 minutes. It should not take more time than that to back up a DVD movies. (also depends on your computer system)
  4. Make sure that it can copy both DVD-5 and DVD-9 movies to a DVD-9 disc.
  5. Ensure that it can converts a DVD-9 movies into a DVD-5 disc and at the same time maintaining a reasonably high quality.
  6. See if it allows you to have the choices of keeping or removing all other additional features like the audio and language selection, menus, subtitles and more from the original copy to the dubbed one.
  7. Check if it is compatible in PAL and NTSC format DVD movies.
  8. Make sure that the system support CSS and any other protected DVD movies.
  9. See if it is easy to install and use. The last thing you want to face when buying a DVD copy software is the frustration to read the start-up guide again and again and the system still do not load.
  10. Lastly but most importantly, ensure that the software offers free trial or better still, money back guarantee. With these, you can be assured that the software you are about to buy is suitable for you and worth the money you investing in.

DVD copying software is used to create backups of your existing movie and games incase they are lost, scratched or unsuable. Learn how you can use DVD copy software to protect you dvd collection.

DVD Copy Comparison Table
Overall Rating Price Buy Read Review Easy To Use Features Quality of Backup Stability Bonus
DVD Cloner 8
$59.95 Trial
1 Click DVD Copy
$59.00 Trial
$49.99 Trial
Clone DVD 5 $69.95 Trial
DVD neXt Copy Xpress $29.99  
Clone DVD 2 (SlySoft) $54.00 Trial
DVD Copy Software Review