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Blindwrite Review

If you have ever tried creating a 'copy' of a CD/DVD with any of the available freeware and shareware programs, you might be aware that the results are often so perfect that the 'copy' just keeps sending out error messages by the dozen. Achieving perfection is the key here, something that does not come by easily with freeware and shareware software programs.

However, you need not worry because a program that allows you to achieve the desired perfection has just been launched. The name is BlindWrite, the successor to the old version named BlindRead. BlindWrite does the job quite well, so much so that you will never get a 'copy' that does not work. What is even better is that everything gets done automatically in just a few clicks. Now, you don’t have to waste your time understanding the advanced manual settings that earlier versions used to have.

With only 3.1MB in setup files, you might have your doubts about BlindWrite, but you can rest assured because it packs a punch even with its small size. You just have to download and use it to know it's real worth.

Installation Process

We did the same and were quite satisfied with the download and installation process since it went on smoothly without any glitches. However, we did notice some changes that are certainly not bad, but may prove distasteful to some users. For instance, there is the "Patin Couffin" driver that gets installed automatically without your permission. However, this is not a problem because VSO Software claims that it actually helps users while creating backup copies.

Easy To Use For Beginners

Based on our tests, we concluded that BlindWrite is perfect for beginners. It is so because it has an easy-to-use interface and everything gets done in just a few clicks. It also supports graphic themes, which allows users to change the looks and feel of the interface as per their preferences.

The software supports both CDs and DVDs and also works fine with almost all types of available hardware. For using this software, you just have to select any of the available options, namely, Copy, Read or Write.

With BlindWrite, you can perform a wide range of tasks such as copy a CD/DVD and transfer the contents to other storage medias, create a 'perfect image' using the same file format as that of the media, or burn a CD/DVD using a saved image file. It does so effortlessly since it supports multiple file formats such as Alcohol Images, Clone CD, and ISO, apart from it's own.

The software is quite unique as it supports over thirty different languages, allowing users worldwide to benefit from this highly effective piece of CD/DVD copy software. It's also because it aims to make continuous improvements in the existing setup and does so by relaying information back to the developers who then use it to make the necessary changes. You can however disenable this functionality if you feel that it's not safe.

To test the software, we recommend that you download 21-day trial version currently being offered by the company.

What's Good?

Perfection is the name! Has everything that you can possibly desire such as reliability, easy-to-use features, multiple language support and most importantly, affordability.

What's Not?

The only thing lacking in BlindWrite is a comprehensive Help system, something that can create problems for novice users.

What can be done?

Price and features are quite good and do not need a review. What in fact needs to be done is add something for professional users that will allow them to exercise more control while performing the desired tasks. The job certainly gets done automatically, but professionals still prefer to have manual controls.

Download the free trial now here

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