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DVD Types: CD-R(W),
DVD (+/-)R (W),
DVD (+/-)R Dual Layer
Output Formats: Pal, NTSC, AVI
Operating System: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000

Clone DVD 4 Review

Surely, Clone DVD has made it presence felt in the market and the fact of the matter is that only due to its simplicity has this product managed to get so far. The designers of this product, i.e., DVD X Studios had conducted thorough research when launching this product so that the product would be flawless and appear appealing to the customers. With respect to enticing the customers with their product, DVD X Studios made a brief assessment of features that the customers were always looking for in a DVD copying software and the problems faced by the users especially when it came to copying and making back ups of your DVDs.

The Clone DVD software has proved to be very successful when it comes to eliminating the doubts of the customers with respect to copying DVDs. The latest edition of this software, i.e., the Clone DVD 4 is perhaps the hottest commodity to hit the shelves. Even if you have been a user of the older edition, you will find that the latest edition is hassle free. This means that the old users of this products predecessor will surely find something revitalizing in the Clone DVD 4. Therefore, if you are familiar with the earlier editions of this software, you won’t even have to refer to the manual to get started.

New Features In Clone DVD 4

Easy To Use Interface

Clone DVD 4 boasts of an all-new user friendly interface and an array of features never seen before in any DVD copying software. One of the many interesting features would include the Chapter and the DVD Title Preview which actually helps the user to get easy access to the DVD so that he can either copy or even remove the content stored in the disc.

Video Conversion

Then there is the Video Converter feature, which helps converting DVD formats into any of the following formats:

As you may have already guessed, Clone DVD now supports popular portable devices such as Apple’s iPod, Sony’s PSP, 3G smart phones and other portable media players, i.e., the PMPs.

DVD X Studios knows its customers’ tastes and demands, and has accordingly come up with the perfect software that it could offer. Thanks to the latest advent in technology, such as Apple’s iPod and the PlayStation Portable, there has been a buzz in the market and DVD X Studios know that its customers would need a software that could help them to copy movies from their DVDs and store them on their portable media devices.

Copying Music

Generally, when it comes to downloading any music albums or even movies, iPod users are usually dependant on the iTunes software. However, Clone DVD has made it easier for its users to rip songs and movies from the DVDs and save it on the computer.

Some Flaws With Clone DVD

One of the main concerns of this software is that due to the lack of DVD burning engine, the price of this software simply seems a bit too much. Although the gadget freaks would already be having a disc burning software application, but for those who don’t, well, they just have to get used to this software.

Now this software is good, no doubt about that, but it still has some inconsistencies lying around here and there, which you should be aware of. One thing for sure that the Clone DVD software has its price tagged just like its competitors and the best thing about this software is that it does whatever it assures to do which may or may not be seen in case of other products.

Lack in Burning Features

Although the software does not have a burning engine, it does have the ability to compress the DVD movies so that they can easily be stored in your iPod or any other portable media player. What Clone DVD has made sure of is the fact of including the burning engine and not offering it as a different software application that the customers would later on require to purchase. This is one good thing that the customers will be happy about.

Another feature of the Clone DVD is that the user interface is as simple as it could get. The menu and the options that any customer would want are listed in the same order that they desire. The percent bar on the user interface makes it easier to choose extras. The contrasting feature observed in this respect is that the progress bar actually shows you the quality that you can have only if you remove the unwanted extras like the DTS sound, etc.

Easy To Setup And Install

Then comes the question about the setup and the installation process of the Clone DVD software. Well, lets just say that it is as easy a it could get. One doesn’t have to be a computer nerd to figure out how to go on about the installation and the setup process. The preview feature offered by the Clone DVD software helps you to figure out the sub titles and extras you want and the ones you don’t want. Ease in the configuration of the compression of video such as choosing the Xvid codec is really simple to understand

Best Features

The best thing about the Clone DVD software is that it can do whatever you expect of a DVD copying software to do. And the icing on the cake would be that this application is fast as well as powerful. Since the Clone DVD software supports even dual layered discs, it is needless to state the fact that this software was actually made to last years to come. Since this software has the ability to convert files into other formats (video), the daunting task of duplicating the video repeatedly. Moreover, the option of choosing the video format that you want the video converted to makes this software all the more enticing.

In case of any problem with the Clone DVD software, the product has a well laid out FAQ section with the option of e-mailing the customer support in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQ page. The FAQ section usually contains the most common error types encountered in the software and how to solve it. Having that said, the Clone DVD software is the best choice for any person who wants the ideal DVD copying software. The best thing about this software is that it is the best that the advanced users can crave for and also the best for the novice users but they may take some time to get used to it.

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