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Overall Rating:
Price: $54.00
Software Features:
Quality of Copy:
Easy To Use:
Free: Trial
CSS Decryption: Built-In
DVD 9 & 5 Support:
DVD to iPod: Included
DVD to Mobile: Included
Remove Region Protection:
Episodic DVD Support:  
Multiple Language Support:
DVD Types: CD-R(W),
DVD (+/-)R (W)
Output Formats: Pal, NTSC, AVI
Operating System: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000

Clone DVD 5 Review

A very simple software that has a great looking interface and gets the job done. It includes all necessary features to copy and DVD and also unlocks all regions.


The most notable features it the ability to copy movies into iPod, or any mobile device like PSP which is a feature not offered by any other software and you need to upgrade or install another software. Clone DVD can copy almost every protected DVD out there and has built-in CSS, RC, RCE and UOP, and ARccOS support.

However the lack of episodic support was much needed but it still compresses movies into single or split DVD’s. In the new version 5, Clone DVD now includes multi-language support, a 1 click copy function and is more stable the previous versions.

Quality of Copy

Copies were made with no flaws.

Easy To Use

Very easy to install and easy to use. No need to upgrade or install another software to rip to iPod or mobile devices.


The features are quite impressive and it comes with iPod and mobile conversions which means you don’t have to upgrade or buy more software like our other reviews. However with such a high price point you’re better of buying a cheaper software and upgrading it if you need to convert for iPod or mobile devices.DVD Copy Software Review

DVD Copy Software Review