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Overall Rating:
Price: $54.00
Software Features:
Quality of Copy:
Easy To Use:
Free: Trial
CSS Decryption: Intergrated
DVD 9 & 5 Support:
DVD to iPod: Upgrade CloneDVD Mobile
DVD to Mobile: Upgrade CloneDVD Mobile
Remove Region Protection:
Episodic DVD Support:
Multiple Language Support:
DVD Types: CD-R(W),
DVD (+/-)R (W),
Output Formats: Pal, NTSC
Operating System: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000

Clone DVD 2 (Slysoft) Review

Copying your DVD from the original is now made convenient with Slysoft's CloneDVD. It copies your favorite movies including its additional features in a few simple steps. However. It lacks of a few features that top-notch software could have such as its incapability to copy the movies to CDs, no CSS decryption capabilities and as simple as the instruction seems to be, it is quite not the case.


CloneDVD's key attraction is its ability to copy not only the movie itself but it is also capable to copy its additional features such as subtitles, audio preference, menu and so on into two separate discs or fit them all in one disc. You also have the option to just copy the movie itself to one single discs.

CloneDVD is easy to use even for beginners. It is also easy to install as well but you might need to perform an additional move; to download a CSS decryptor first before it is successfully installed.


The product produce relatively good quality of the dubbed copy made. It is satisfactory for beginners use with its basic feature but perhaps not a very good choice for those who wants more out of a DVD cloner.


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