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Overall Rating:
Price: $59.95
Software Features:
Quality of Copy:
Easy To Use:
Free: Trial
CSS Decryption: Built-In
DVD 9 & 5 Support:
DVD to iPod: Upgrade to Platinum ($79.99)
DVD to Mobile:  
Remove Region Protection:
Episodic DVD Support:
Multiple Language Support:
DVD Types: CD-R(W),
DVD (+/-)R (W),
DVD (+/-)R Dual Layer,
Output Formats: Pal, NTSC, AVI
Operating System: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000

DVD Cloner 8 (VIII) Review

DVD Cloner 8 is the latest version of arguably the best DVD copy software available in the market and perhaps one of the most effective dvd copying software money can buy. It can copy just about anything you want from DVD 5, DVD 9, Blue-Ray and can put your copy into multiple DVD’s or even compress everything into one single DVD or even copy them to your hard drive.

It is extremely easy to operate and uses a simple one click feature. Once in operation it can automatically detect and decrypt CSS, ARccOS and some new encryptions from Sony and Disney movies that protect DVD’s and prevent you from making copies. This powerful feature is not offered in most dvd copying software and this is what makes DVD Cloner 8 so special.

DVD Cloner 8’s DVD copy software has an improved user interface compare to version 7 and a noticeable improved speed too; think copying a whole movie in DVD in less than half an hour.


DVD Cloner 8 works for all sort of media, including DVD-9 (dual layer), DVD-5, Blu-Ray and HD DVDs on DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs. And if you have a dual-layer DVD burner, you can also burn a perfect 1:1 copy of DVD-Rs (DVD-9). One special feature of DVD Cloner 8 allow users to make remove or include specific content of the discs.
With this feature, you can now choose to exclude the opening trailers, other features or even remove any scene from the movie as you like.

Another great feature of DVD Cloner 8 is its the “Intelligent Analyzing Technology”. This advanced technology  helps the DVD copy software to automatically recognize the format of the disc you put in. Once recognized, the software will then automatically chooses the appropriate reader and burner to burn the copy.

With DVD Cloner 8, you can now ensure that the quality of your copy is as good as original.

Operating System Compatibility

Quality of Copy

If you’re doing exact 1:1 copies, the movies play flawlessly and the quality is exactly the same as the original disc. However if you’re copying from DVD 9 to DVD 5 and using compression it is advised that you may or may not any issues. You might encounter slight glitches while watching the movie from soft squeaking sounds and slight movie distortion. This is inevitable and unavoidable due to compressing the movie.

Easy To Use

Everything install without any problems and is self explained.


If you’re looking for an all round dvd copy solution that can copy anything and also repair scratched discs, then you’re best bet is DVD Cloner 8. We  highly recommend DVD Clone because it also features the copy ability for all DVD media from:

It also has a very nice graphical user interface, advanced technology that allows users to only burn the part that they want to burn, fast and most of all the price is very affordable for a piece of software that can copy and backup your DVD’s. We also found it handy that it works on all windows platform and on Mac OS X.


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