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DVD Copying Features Explained

Some important information and facts about dvd copying software and what you should know before you start copying dvds.

Blank Discs

CDs store 680 MB of data, meaning about ninety minutes of audio and about twenty minutes of video.

DVDs store 4 gigabytes of data, which means it can store about two hours of high quality video.

CD-R: This is the most compatible type of CD.
CD-RW: rewritable but unstable.
DVD-R: Like CD-R most compatible.

In the coming years the newer drives will read and write all types of CDs and DVDs

Please remember that copying a commercial DVD for friends and commercial gain is illegal. However copying for personal use may or may not be illegal.

DVD Copying Terms

Copy games: Gaming consoles like the PS2, PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360 have become extremely popular amongst the gaming community worldwide. Some DVD copying programs allow users to copy games and play them on the consoles.

Simple Steps to burn DVD: Some DVD copying programs complete the copying in one single step while some others require a series of steps to be taken to copy. Some programs also require that the user save the data on the hard drive before copying it on other DVD.

Compression: This method is useful in instances when you have to copy a movie on a relatively less capacity DVD e.g. 5 GB or less blank disc, the dvd copy software will compress the movie to ensure that it fits, however some quality might be lost. To minimize the loss of quality, it is recommended that you omit the bonus scenes or alternate endings provided in the original DVD. Good DVD copy software will make sure the compression works well and delivers a copy that has virtually flawless video quality.

Custom Compression: Data compression results in poor quality video and the larger the compression the lower the quality. Programs select the compression ratio automatically this function has proved useful to many. However, some programs allow the user to customize the compression ratio setting to their desired level.

DVD With Lock

Overrides Copy Protection: To prevent piracy of DVDs, companies encrypt the data using digital encryption methods known as CSS or Content Scrambling System. The player and the host have to authenticate themselves for the content to be viewed. Both the DVD players and the DVD disc’s have a key to unlock the content. Program purchased to copy DVD should have the ability to override the encryption. Most DVD burning programs have the software to override CSS inbuilt while some programs provide a link from where you can download decryption software.

CPRx Technology: To discourage piracy movie DVDs have bad sectors or bad DVD structures. CPRx is an innovative technology that deals specifically with these bad sectors and makes perfect copies of your favorite movies it also ensures that the DVD will play correctly on your home DVD player. CPRx error correction technology is available only with 1Click DVD Copy, and is the most popular DVD copying software available. Users can download updates regularly from the Internet.

ArccOS Copy Protection: Sony introduced this system; it works by introducing a number of bad sectors or sectors with corrupted data on the disc. DVD players usually skip or ignore these sectors but DVD copying software shows errors as it is designed to copy all the data on the disc. However, CPRx technology in 1click DVD copy can overcome this problem and you can copy all the latest movies.

Burns Entire Movie on 1 Disc: DVDs are available in two types of storage sizes, Dual layer or DVD9 and Standard DVD or DVD5. DVD9 can store up to 9 GB of data while 5 GB is stored in DVD5. If the DVD copying software you use supports Dual layer types of disc then you can copy the entire movie on one DVD9 otherwise the software will compress the movie to fit on one DVD5 disc.

Burns a DVD even if it’s scratched: Scratched DVDs and CDs are quiet common. Some DVD copying software programs can restore the data during duplication.

Omit or Retain Bonus Material: Many movie DVDs are released with a lot of bonus scenes, interviews with actors, failed stunt scenes, commentary, deleted scenes, alternate endings, etc. Some DVD copying program offers option to retain them or totally omit these scenes and reduce the compression ratio.

Supports Episodic DVD’s: Copying television programs is made easy by DVD copying software that enables users to copy individual episodes.

These days you hear a lot of new releases being “Copy Protected” but the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as new copy protection. Fundamental changes will have to be made in the way a DVD player works to incorporate new copy protection. All DVD players have to conform to accepted specifications to ensure proper playback. New copy protection can be introduced only after DVD specifications are changed and accepted by the industry.

Movie companies will continuously take steps to prevent users from making backup copies of DVDs. The best DVD copy program will surely be able to copy all the latest releases and the future releases. DVD copy software that is intuitive and easy for even the first time user is preferred. It should have features to handle any situation and be able to deliver copies fast and easy.

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