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DVD Copying for Dummies

DVD Copying may not be a complicated job, however it does require concentration and the knowledge of basics. Basics include a list of heuristic methods that are necessary to conduct a successful DVD copying process. A flaw in your copying procedure can lead to a faulty DVD image/disc.

Copying a DVD would require the following components:

Given below are steps necessary in making perfect DVD discs.

Select DVD copying software

When selecting the right DVD software, cost effectiveness shouldn’t be the only priority. DVD software should be able to suit your needs and preferences, and also remain compatible with your computer. If you are looking for freeware or popular DVD software, the Internet is the best place to shop. DVD softwares sold on the Internet, are available with necessary technical details and other terms and conditions. Customer reviews are also available to guide your choice.

Choose your burner and disk

The hardware requirement to make DVD copies is a DVD burner. A DVD burner reads from the original DVD and uses a blank DVD disk as a destination device for a new copy. It is advisable to use a DVD disc over a compact disc, as direct image to DVD copying wouldn’t require you to compromise on the resolution and quality.

DVD Logos

There are different formats of DVD blanks available in the market

Minimum system requirements

Finally, your DVD software should be compatible with your PC. The successful running of DVD software would require sufficient speed, RAM and storage space.

Procedure for DVD copying:

  1. When the original DVD is placed in the drive, the DVD reader should be able to read and display its contents.
  2. The DVD software would then begin its ‘autorun’ to decrypt and copy the entire DVD on the hard disk.
  3. The Hard copy is then converted a DVD file of a suitable format that will allow the data to be burned onto a blank DVD.

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