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DVD neXt Copy Pro

Now who wouldn’t like to copy their favorite movies or even homemade DVD videos and store them on their computers. However, due to compatibility issues and chances of errors, copying DVDs can be a real pain for people.

However, for now, forget about all those problems because the DVD Next Copy Pro is finally here. The D-day, i.e., July 2007 was the day that movie enthusiasts were introduced to the all-new DVD Next Copy Pro software.

The makers of DVD NeXt Copy launched the much awaited professional version of the software which not only included the new DVD NeXt Copy version, but a whole lot of additional goodies such as the much so simple, one-click version of the DVD NeXt Copy Xpress.

DVD NeXt Copy Versions

Premium is the word here people and the extras that this software has to offer you will talk for itself:

DVD neXt Copy Version
DVD NeXt Copy Xpress worth $29.99.
DVD NeXt Copy Standard, which is worth $49.99.
DVD NeXt Copy Pro, which is worth $59.99.

If you’re willing to spend the extra $10 and get the Pro version you can start copying your DVD movies to your Zune, iPod or PSP! You’ll save more money by buying the Pro version because if you went out to buy another program to do it you’ll be spending well over $30.

The Virtual Drive Software – Comes Free

An additional feature that the DVD Next Copy Pro offers is the bonus application of DVDNeXtCOPY Virtual Drive. All thanks to this bonus feature, ripping and converting DVDs and other discs have never seemed easier. This process will actually help you to play those videos on your computer, which may have seemed impossible otherwise.

How Virtual Drives Work

This is achieved by the fact that the software helps in creating virtual drives which makes it easy for other programs, videos and even games to operate on your computer without any hassles, rather than operating those programs with a DVD or even a CD for that matter. The virtual drive created thereon also prevents damage of any sort to the DVD or the CD since you are actually running the movies/programs from the computer itself and not from the DVD or the CD. In addition, the video and the games, which are run from the virtual drives, are know to run faster and even smoother.

Benefits of Virtual Drive

Another advantage of these virtual drives is that you can access them like 200 times faster than what it would normally take to access a DVD or a CD drive. When it comes to the question of compatibility, you should know that the DVD NeXt COPY Virtual Drive runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and of course a CD/DVD drive on the computer. However, if you plan on buying software similar to the DVD NeXt COPY Virtual Drive, it would easily cost you about $30. However, if you’re planning to buy the DVD NeXt Copy Pro or standard edition, you get the Virtual Drive program absolutely free.

Ripping DVD’s

Now, let’s get back to discussing the aspect that this software is best at, copying DVDs of course. The DVD Next Copy Pro has been made in such a way that it is easily possible to burn single as well as dual layered discs. This would actually include the high definition discs needed for that high quality video that you were always craving for.

A major advantage of the DVD NeXt Copy Pro is that it allows you to rip the DVDs on to your hard drive, which could then help you copy and burn them on as many CDs/DVDs that you want. Once you have ripped the DVDs in your computer’s hard drive, you can even share them on any home network. Copying the DVDs on your computer or even your laptop is a great idea when you want to catch up on a movie, especially when you’re traveling.

Burn Quality

The DVD NeXt Copy Pro software also allows you to do something that you will never find in any other DVD copying software. And that is, making copies of your backup DVDs. The product quality is totally unmatched in its genre, the support offered is truly one of a kind and the best part about this software is that it comes with a ninety days money back guarantee if you’re satisfied with the product.

Benefits of DVD NeXt Copy Pro

Given below are some of the features of the DVD NeXt Copy Pro summed up in brief:

Changable Skins

DVD neXt Copy Skins

One attractive feature of the DVD NeXt Copy Pro is when it comes to changing the skins of the application. This is more of an enhancement that was not seen in any of the earlier products which helps the software to be visually appealing. Another feature is that of automatic updates available which is necessary these days because of the continuous changes in technology. This makes the software very flexible to any changing situation that technology has to offer. Therefore, now, it just doesn’t matter how many changes the supporting video codecs go through, the DVD NeXt Copy Pro always comes prepared.

Final Words

At the end of the day, DVD Next Copy Pro does the job better than any leading competitor. Plus it offers a few bonus feature like copying movies to IPOD’s which is great! This piece of software has all the goods and then some. Highly recommended if you want to copy any DVD.

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