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Overall Rating:
Price: $29.99
Software Features:
Quality of Copy:
Easy To Use:
Free: Trial
CSS Decryption: Intergrated
DVD 9 & 5 Support:
DVD to iPod: Upgrade DVD neXT Copy Pro
DVD to Mobile: Upgrade DVD neXT Copy Pro
Remove Region Protection:
Episodic DVD Support:
Multiple Language Support:  
DVD Types: CD-R(W),
DVD (+/-)R (W)
Output Formats: Pal, NTSC
Operating System: Win7, Vista, XP, 2000

DVD neXt Copy Xpress

This is a very light weight version of DVD neXt Copy and it comes in 3 versions.

With Xpress you’ll find you have everything you need to copy DVD and with the new neXt Tech™ you can copy all the latest movies with the latest protection. Its quite cheap if you’re looking for a very basic DVD copy software.


The list of features in the light, standard or pro were not very impressive and found to lack Blue-Ray and HD DVD support. However you can make exact copies of any DVD 5 / 9 and also copy them to your computer for local viewing.
Here’s a list of features included:

Quality of Copy

There were no problems when copying a DVD and the quality of the copy is exact. However through various forums we have found people to have had a few bad rips. Because the CSS Decryptor is a third part application, it might give problems with audio sync.

Easy To Use

Easy to install the primary application however you must also install third party program if you want to use the CSS Dycryptor which is a pain.

After installation it was quite easy to open and start copying a DVD.


very basic software and not recommended if you are an advanced user. However it does the job 100% but with the occasional error on some DVD copies made. If you are looking to copy movies to your iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc. Its advised to upgrade to DVD neXt Copy Pro.

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