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How DVD Burners Work

Inside A DVD Burner

DVD burners are hardware systems that can write, copy and add files to a digital versatile disc. The system is more advanced than its predecessor (The CD writer) and is able to play and create both CD and DVDs. A DVD writer uses diode technology to read and write data disk. The laser diode produces red laser beams of approximately 300 MW, that enables quicker reading and burning of data disks.

The output of the laser diode appears as a fine ray of continuous red light, which increases the efficiency in DVD writing. A basic DVD data saves data in spirally arranged microscopic tracks in two formats:

  1. Tiny reflective mounds (called lands)
  2. Non-reflective holes (called pits)

The laser beam scans these tracks, and reads the data along the lands and pits analyzing the zero and one of the digital data.

DVD burners are capable of writing data in smaller tracks (Tracks of approximately 0.74 microns on DVD, and 1.6 microns on CD). Besides a DVD burner also offers sophisticated modulation methods that improve correction and rectification of errors.

These are one of the reasons a DVD drive is more preferable than a CD drive. Also, a Single-layered DVD can store up to 4.7GB which is about two hours of video. A DVD burner rated at 4X/2X/12X can write data at 4X, reburn at 2X, and read at 12X.

There are many benefits present, when writing through a DVD burner, such as:

Ability To Capture and Edit

DVD burners can have a unique ability of forming ‘*.iso’ and *.nrg* image files, that can be stored and later used to make your own video movie discs.

Ability to Compress and Store

The storage capacity of a DVD is seven times more that a CD. Besides, advanced burning techniques can ensure quality compression of video and audio files.

Other Multimedia Capabilities

The DVD drive ensures smooth track writing for longer storage of greater-quality video clips.

Finally, DVD drives are available as both internal and external hardware. The external hardware is available in different types: USB compatible, parallel port, SCSI and Firewire.

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