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What is HD DVD?

Just how many times have you watched movies on tapes and wished that you could something about the quality of its video. You can’t possibly blame the video shop clerk if the movie just paused during the climax of your favorite movie. This is where your knight in shining armor comes in, in the form of an ocular disc, the HD DVD. HD is an acronym for high definition. The HD DVD is used to play high definition videos. It has been designed just like its predecessor, the DVD, but only better, i.e. to support high quality video files, which the former cannot.


The HD DVD is capable of supporting 3times the data that a standard DVD can support. The HD DVD was developed by the cooperation of the Japanese companies Toshiba and NES. The disc was renamed to HD DVD from its older designated name AOL (Advanced Optical Disc). The HD DVD has recently evolved to its new form, the HD DVD RW (Rewritable). The disc has support from the DVD Forum, majority of the Hollywood Studios namely Universal, New line and many others including software moguls like HP, Microsoft and Intel.


Some of the advantages of the HD DVD are as follows:

A HD DVD works on the same principles as that of the DVD player, the main principal being that the electrical components in the DVD player takes the information that is fed by the sensor and converts it into a digital signal. The most important difference between the two is the picture quality and the storage capacity. HD DVD can bring new light to your traditional movie experience with its compabilities ranging from computers, gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and the Dual HD players (HD DVD and Blu-ray player). This may be the main reason why 241 movie titles have been released under the HD DVD format.

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